MASSAGE & BODY WORKS providing healthy massage for your well-being relieves STRESS DECREASES PAIN INCREASES FLEXiBILITY and will ENHANCE your WELL-BEING ALL massage and Body Work Treatments are provided in the privacy of our Massage Suite

Deep Tissue Massage
Relieves tension and pain in deep tissue. This may require more than one therapy session. Your theapist will advise.
• One Hour - Call For Pricing

On-site Chair Massage
For those who need a quick fix. Fully clothed. Oils are optional.
• Time ranges from 15 minutes to one hour.- Call For Pricing

Theraprutic Massage
Sessions are designed to meet the needs of our clients.
• 30 or 60 min - Call For Pricing

Swedish Massage
A popular full body massage that uses light to medium pressure to relieve tension and create a higher sense of well being.
• Approx 60 minutes - Call For Pricing

Hot Stone Therapy
•Heated stones are placed on pressure points across the body with essential oils followed by a relaxing full-body massage 60 min - Call For Pricing NOTE***For hot stone therapy please call for appt. one day in advance

•This treatment begins with an exfoliation of the feet stimulating corresponding areas in the entire body while applying pressure and massage to the feet 30/60 min-- Call For Pricing

Soothing Eucalyptus Sinus Treatment
• Concentrates on the pressure points using acupressure on the facial region .....helps relieve pressure in the sinus area followed by a shoulder neck and scalp massage 30/600 min - Call For Pricing

Shoulder and Scalp Massage
A quick rejuvenation from your day. This concentrated massage eases muscle tension and improves circulation.
• Approx 30 min- Call For Pricing

On-Site Massage
•Let us bring Relaxation to you! Chair massage focuses on upper-body **head** neck **shoulders and back
15 min - Call For Pricing
30 min - Call For Pricing
a minimum of 5 clients. must call in advance for appointments or if you have a larger group discounts could apply please call for pricing

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